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Why Should I Lease My Equipment?

Advantages of Leasing/Financing LeaseCash Bank
You acquire equipment without a substantial cash outlay. YesNo No
You upgrade or add equipment without difficulty. YesNo No
You match payments to your current cash flow. YesNo No
You avoid affecting your bank lines of credit. YesNo No
You delay payments until after the equipment begins to pay off. YesN/A No
You get approval for financing in one day (upon receipt of required credit information). YesNo No
You deduct all or most of the monthly payments from your taxable income. YesN/A No

--- It just makes sense! ---


Pay only *$195 per month for $8,800 worth of equipment.
That's enough for an 8 channel system including all suggested modalities with a computer, monitor, and color printer.
* Estimate on 60 month term with $1 buyout at end of term.

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