Optimize Your PC's Performance
Add these to your service visit;

Power Clean Service____________________________$19.99

  • Wipe down exterior surfaces of computer case, and LCD screen on Laptops
  • Clean floppy and optical drives, using disk cleaning utilities and cleaner
  • Remove dust and debris from inside computer
PC Tune-Up__________________________________ $49.99

  • Optimize, clean and manage windows
  • Clean up unwanted startup programs
  • Verify updated drivers for upgraded/existing hardware
Virus, Worm, and Spyware Removal____________$ 99.99

  • Virus removal and repair
  • Spyware removal
  • Orientation on how to avoid harmful internet plut-ins (software may be required)
Computer OS Restore*_______________________$ 49.99

  • Reload the computer with customer owned restore disk
  • Restart Windows and enter customer information
  • Configure internet and email settings (user must supply credentials)
Select one of the below for your service Visit
Service by the Hour_________________________$ 45.00

  • Per hour charge for work (1 hour minimum + 19.99 trip charge)
Flat-rate Computer Repair___________________$ 149.00

  • Troubleshoot and repair system issues**
Available Service Packages
Add Computer Set-UIp________________________$ 60.00

  • Un-box and connect a computer system (cpu&monitor) to your network.
Add Install ISP/VPB Connection______________$ 60.00

  • Install ISP or VPN connection kit/modem (pre-subscription of service is requried).
Add Connect Wireless Network_______________$ 60.00

  • Connect a wireless network to computer (1 router and 1 adaptor)
Add Installation of Operation System__________$ 65.00

  • Installation of operation system software (applies to upgrade versions only)
Add 1GB Data Transfer_____________________$ 50.00

  • Data migration of up to 1GB of data from one computer to another.
Additional connection to Pkg_________________$ 20.00

  • Connect a booster or a range extender (for wireless connections)
Hourly Website Building Fee________________$ 35.00

  • Set up html website (from packaged program or custom)
  • Includes intitial set up of host.
  • Does not include registration fee. (name must be registered prior to visit).
  • *Data backup or transfer not included and charged by the hour
  • *Restore requires that customer has original manufacture restore software or full OS version with proper license.
  • ** Parts are Extra and if required, may require another visit, with charges.
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