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 A conservative estimate of more than 800,000 whitetail deer, roam New York State, according to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's' Bureau of Wildlife. We count on hunters’ harvest to maintain healthy herds and to minimize the amount of annual deer damage.

Deer hunters’ and farmers’ harvest can be donated, processed and distributed to help feed the hungry throughout New York State. Because donated deer must be professionally processed, the Venison Donation Coalition has coordinated a program where legally tagged and properly field-dressed deer can be taken to participating processors...at no cost to the hunter or farmer.

Meat cutters are recruited for participation and paid to process the donated deer. The venison is processed and packaged according to the Environmental Conservation Law and the meat is picked up by Food Banks for delivery to soup kitchens, food pantries, and needy families throughout New York.

With the down turn of the economy, budget cuts throughout the country, more layoffs, etc., more and more people are feeling the crunch. There are more people left hungry at the end of the day. More and more, those hungry are families, children and single parents. The donation of venison can help feed these people.

Ground venison is highly nutritious and each deer provides approximately 160 servings. Venison is low in calories, fat and cholesterol and high in protein. It contains no additives or
antibiotics. And this natural resource is abundant in New York.

There are more hidden benefits of the Venison Donation program than just the obvious of helping to feed the hungry. With more than 800,000 whitetail deer roaming New York, extensive damage is done to crops, landscape, as well as vehicles. There is approximately $130,000,000 of crop and landscape damage and $120,000,000 of vehicle damage caused by deer each year. Hunters and farmers harvesting more deer will help to control the herd population and decrease the amount of damage caused. It will also help to provide a healthier deer herd in New York.

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